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Niki’s plans for world domination continue…

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This is actually the second time she has appeared in the Echo.
No the first time wasn’t for nicking a car or something. Be’ave.

I can’t post the text of the whole article here because of copyright issues, but here are some quotes »

“I wanted to show people that vegans are normal people and not strange creatures from another planet,” she says.
    “I’m constantly amazed when I reveal to people that I’m a vegan and they say ‘you don’t look like one’. I wonder what I am supposed to look like ?”

….also wanted to raise awareness of her group and website for vegans and vegetarians. ScouseVeg.
    “I set it up with my sister about five years ago as a social group for vegetarians and vegans, to bring people together in case they felt isolated.

We meet once a month…”

And they’ll be meeting tonight at the Egg Cafe in the Liverpool City Centre from 8pm.
» More details
» Map/Directions

I haven’t heard anything to the contrary so far…I think Niki will be there.

» There have been lots of emails sent to the website about the show and Ms O’Leary, I’ll be contacting a few of those people to see if they will allow me to post their comments on here next week. Stay tuned…

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  1. hi i wanted some advice. my family is lactovegetraian. i would like to know what food i could make that has got alot of protein. will look forward to hearing from you.

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