Mainz & Frankfurt

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Mainz & Frankfurt - Moving ScouseEarlier this month, Jake and I travelled to Mainz for a family wedding. I was tremendously excited because we were flying Lufthansa instead of Ryanair. That was rather luxurious. The wedding itself was one of the most gorgeous events I’ve ever been to and included a delicious meal, lots of dancing and a tour of a really old sparkling wine manufactory! I didn’t take many pictures of the celebration as I was far too busy having fun, but believe me when I say that I would be happy if our day was even half as perfect!

Balloons 1Balloons 2Balloons 3Balloons 4The next day, we spent the day in Frankfurt meeting up with my friend Steffi and her boyfriend. I’d never been to Frankfurt before, so I was curious what it would be like. I don’t think it’s my favourite city ever, and the food prices are extortionate but we spent a few lovely hours culminating in mini golf at the Zeilgalerie. If you ever visit Frankfurt, I highly recommend this. It’s only €5 per person and the whole course has been designed by artists. It’s rather amazing.

Frankfurt 1Frankfurt 2 Frankfurt Minigolf 4 Frankfurt Minigolf 3 Frankfurt Minigolf 2 Frankfurt Minigolf 1On our last day, we spent some time exploring Mainz. We didn’t have too much time and it was Sunday, so most things were closed, but we did manage a visit to the Fassnachtmuseum, which is dedicated to the region’s long-standing carnival tradition. We also walked down to the River and saw some gorgeous old buildings, including the cathedral.

Mainz 1 Mainz 4 Mainz 3 Mainz 2Overall, it was a lovely little mini break and just what I needed before starting my full time job last Monday. By the way, I have now survived my first week of full-time employment and it’s safe to say that I absolutely love it!

Have you been anywhere special this Summer?