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Meat Free Monday Campaign – Would You Eat Dog ?

Would you eat dog ?

This is via Animal Aid:

Would you consider eating the flesh from an organically reared dog? Do Labrador steaks, leg of Greyhound, Afghan burgers, Dachshund sausages or Beagle chops take your fancy? This is the question being posed to shoppers passing the Animal Aid ‘dog meat’ stall, which is currently visiting Farmers Markets in cities across the UK. Featuring pictures of happy healthy dogs running through fields, chasing balls and swimming in streams, and the words ‘organic’ and ‘free-range’, the trailer will be offering ‘dog meat’ to the public, with the assurance that all the animals were loved and well cared for before being butchered.
Collie steak
Most people eat different parts of various animals every day, without thinking too deeply about what those animals’ last moments were like. But whether organic, free-range, corn-fed or rested on the finest mattresses, they all end up in the same slaughterhouses; they are all alone and terrified; they are all hung upside down by their hind legs and all end up bleeding to death.

The ‘dog meat’ stall will attempt to engage the public in a discussion about the way animals raised for food are killed and why certain animals are deemed unworthy of our compassion while others are treated as part of the family.”

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