New Chocolate Bars Stocked At Honest To Goodness

A note from Honest To Goodness over there on the Wirral on some yummy (vegan) chocolate bars they now sell:

Twilight – Vegan Mars Bar

Twilight Vegan Choc Bar

A rich, fluffy, chocolately nougat topped with a layer of thick, buttery-tasting caramel all wrapped up in a creamy, rice-milk, chocolately coating.

Jokerz – Vegan Snickers Bar

Jokerz vegan candy bar

Layers of dry roasted peanuts, buttery tasting caramel, and a rich peanut nougat, sweetly wrapped in a delicious chocolately coating.

Buccanner- Vegan Milky Way

Buccaneer vegan bar

A rich fluffy, chocolately nougat covered in a creamy chocolately coating.

Mahalo Bar – Vegan Bounty with Almonds

Mahalo bar

A gently sweetened coconut bar topped with three whole dry roasted almonds and covered in a luscious chocolately coating.

But don’t forget… You don’t have to catch a ferry to get all your vegan goodies, there’s also a shop right round the corner from you: Dragon Indulgence on Hanover St.

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