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Give Kitchen

We here at ScouseVeg are always on the lookout for any local vegan/vegetarian businesses. We like to encourage, support and help in any way we can.

This particular Liverpool company offer a service (food delivery using a subscription model) which has been on the increase in the last couple of years. It’s not just that which peaks our interest though. Yes the vegan part is very important, but there’s something else that they do.

Firstly though, from their PR release – who are they:

The UK’s First and Only Plant Based, Vegan Food Delivery Service Launches in Liverpool

Liverpool, 7th August 2015

“An innovative, plant based food service, which delivers nutritious, organic and vegan meals direct to homes or work places across the UK, has launched in Liverpool.

GIVE Kitchen, founded by dedicated vegans Paul Hampson and Dario Curcillo aims to provide a healthy and nutritious food service to both vegan clients looking for a fresh and convenient home delivery service and to non-vegan clients who are looking to lose weight, tone up or increase muscle mass through adopting a healthy eating regime.

With headquarters based on the Albert Dock and a fully operating, state-of-the-art kitchen on Brunswick Dock the new, ethical food business has already delivered over 200 wholesome and nutritious lunches, main meals and sweet bites to a growing list of happy clients, since its launch in June earlier this year.”

Yes yes fine. But what about the food ?

A few pics of some tasty looking vegan items they offer:

Mouthwatering isn’t it.
They have these things called GIVE boxes.
You can buy these as individual meals, or choose one of the packages.

From their PR release:

“GIVE boxes can be purchased online as individual meals or as a ‘22 Day Challenge’ package, which includes the 22 Day Vegan Challenge, the 22 Day Get Lean and Toned Challenge and the 22 Day Superfood Challenge, all designed to keep mind, body and soul in perfect balance.”   Link

AND… that something else they do which I mentioned above:

“GIVE Kitchen forms part of the GIVE 2040 Foundation, a charitable movement, which strives to end world hunger, poverty and disease by 2040. For each order placed, GIVE 2040 donates a fresh and wholesome meal to the homeless or less fortunate. To date, GIVE has donated 205 meals to the homeless and towards local charity events.”

As it says – for every order placed, they will give a meal to the homeless. They recently donated to The Whitechapel Centre.

You can find their website at

Also on the social media:

If you’ve tried any of their meals leave a comment below.

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