Niki On The Radio – Again and Again !

Neil Fitzmaurice - Niki O'Leary - Lifestyle Monthly

I keep saying...if left unchecked she will take over the world... but nobody listens.

A few weeks ago (12th Dec 2009) the star of television’s Come Dine With Me was on City Talk FM. Yet Again. This time as a guest of Neil Fitzmaurice on his early Saturday morning show.

Niki appeared along with Amanda Moss – the Editor of Lifestyle Monthly Magazine.

I have extracted from the programme some bits where Niki was talking about being vegan, vegetarianism and all things related. Listen in below to the clips – or the entire show:

Neil talks to Niki about being vegan and being on Come Dine With Me:
[audio:] 7mins 20secs

Neil talks about a vegetarian diet and about animal experimentation:
[audio:] 2mins 27secs

Niki on eating out and finding vegan food:
[audio:] 3mins 18secs

Full show:
[audio:] 1hr 54mins

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