Niki On The Radio – Yet Again !

Another very early Saturday morning wake-up for our Niki as once again she guests on Simon O’Brien’s radio show.

Simon O'Brien on CityFM

Before she cooked Simon a vegan breakfast, Niki talks about vegetarianism and why she is a vegan:


Then Niki comes back and Simon (who is a vegetarian himself) tastes the brekkie:


» Catch up with Niki’s other radio appearances:

Niki checking the ScouseVeg website

Niki with Simon last March
(Her 1st appearance. She sits in on the whole show).

Niki on Late Night with Nicksy – Part 1.
(This was in May during Vegetarian Week and Niki again talks about vegetarianism)

Late Night with Nicksy – Part 2
(Niki answers questions from callers to the show)

Thanks once again to Brian for providing the audio.

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