Niki’s Radio Dominaton Continues

The local talk radio station City Talk 105.9FM wanted to chat with somebody about vegetarianism and National Vegetarian Week so who you gonna call…?
Niki O
That’s right it’s her again !

On Monday she talked via the phone with a City Talk presenter for about 10 minutes, but on Friday night it was the Niki O’Leary show.

Liverpool’s Number 1 Vegan, as they described her, was a guest on Late Night Nicksy and arr Niki was talking and taking phone calls well into the late hours.

Niki on City Talk

– You can listen again to the entire show by clicking here.

I will be editing and posting some audio later on next week, but for now listen below to the first 20 minutes of her appearance. The sound is a bit rough sorry. I will try to fix it.

- Niki O'Leary on Late Night Nicksy part 1:

» Also have a listen to a previous appearance on CityTalk with Niki as a guest of Simon O’Brien on his show.