Our Kitchen on Bold Street

 It’s not our kitchen, but if it lives up to it’s promise it could be…

News of yet another vegetarian/vegan establishment is opening in the Liverpool city centre. It will be right amongst all those other great places on Bold Street and it does have a great name.

The former CBBC presenter Tara Maguire is behind this one. She also runs My Yoga studio (another great name, very good with this) in Wood Street and is now getting in on the thriving veggie/vegan scene.

I’ve found a few websites which have the PR for them. Here are some quotes from Tara:

She said: “The project began when I decided to satisfy a long-held ambition of opening the kind of restaurant that I wanted to eat out in for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everybody around me in my network in Liverpool just seems so busy and many constantly ask me the same question…”where can I eat in or takeaway highly nutritious food & drink, that’s maybe organic, sourced locally and produced with love?”

“Well next week is the realisation of my ambition to open an inclusive restaurant that does exactly that.”

As it says there is breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as “an extensive holistic-inspired range of nutrient-rich juices and dairy-free nut “mylks”. ”

Our Kitchen is easy to find. It is at 84 Bold Street right across from Matta’s and right down the street is Leaf, Mowgli, News from Nowhere…

I’ve added Our Kitchen to the ScouseVeg Eating Out listings page here. If you visit at any time please send us a report or write a review.

DECEMBER 2017 Update: Sadly they are no longer veggie/vegan only and have been downgraded.
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