Prince: ‘Duty to save albatross’

Actual headline from the Beeb, so I couldn’t resist:

Prince: ‘Duty to save albatross’
Prince and the albatross
Prince Charles has said he believes the world has a duty to save the endangered albatross from extinction.

The heir to the British throne said the demise of the iconic sea-bird would be “such an appalling commentary on the way we treat the world”.

Campaigners say about 100,000 birds drown each year after becoming caught on longline fishing hooks.

The Prince of Wales made his comments in TVE’s Earth Report programme, to be broadcast on BBC World this weekend.

“I feel it our duty to ensure that we do not lose any species if we possibly can help it,” he told the programme.

Campaigners said the birds were primarily being killed unintentionally by longline fishing boats operating in the Southern Ocean.

The vessels use lines up to 120 km (75 miles) long, each with thousands of baited hooks, to catch species such as tuna and swordfish.

“There are 21 species of albatross in the world, and 19 of those are classified as being under threat of extinction,” Ben Sullivan, of BirdLife International, told the programme.

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