Recipe Success | Tone It Up Holiday Peppermint Bark

Tone It Up Peppermint Bark

 I used to frequently share recipes from other sources that I loved here on the blog, but somehow stopped this in the last months. I’m going to try to start doing this again when I find a recipe that I believe is worth sharing with everyone, sharing is caring after all! This Holiday Peppermint Bark from the Tone It Up website is just so pretty and yummy that I couldn’t resist shooting and posting.


It’s really simple to make if you can find the coconut butter – I highly recommend splurging on it as it tastes amazing. I’d never tried it before, but now I’m inspired to create Vegan Raffaello Cupcakes! One thing to note when making the bark is that it calls for liquid vanilla stevia. Since this is next to impossible to acquire in the UK, I used a scant teaspoon of Truvia and a bit of vanilla extract. By ‘a bit’, I mean quite a lot. I have a problem.

I made this TIU-approved treat because I’m trying to stay on track as much as possible during the holiday season, but it’s so amazing that I can’t stop eating it… fail. If you want to put yourself in a similar situation, you can find the recipe on the Tone It Up website!

What are your favourite healthier holiday recipes? I’d love to try them!