Review | Harper’s Bizarre Candles

Love a good scented candle? So does every other blogger out there, myself included! I’ve always got one burning, and have frequently found myself frustrated at the cost and the lack of scent associated with many a name-brand candle. Thankfully, there’s a small company in the North of England who make all-vegan ‘proper smelling’ candles in cute little tins, which are big enough to really enjoy the scent and warrant the cost, but small enough to be able to switch scents every so often!

Harper’s Bizarre operate from Hull, visiting fairs and shipping their candles far and wide in the UK. If you ever have the chance to meet them at an event near you, definitely visit their stall. They’re a lovely bunch and they also have candles available to buy in person that you can’t find online – these are usually remnants of scent experiments that never quite made it into their permanent range and some of them are absolutely AMAZING. 

Their ‘normal’ ranges are a thing of beauty, too. I regularly order sets of 3 (for £20, as opposed to single candles for £8) and burn my way through them. In the summer, I purchased Cinnamon Doughnut, Alabama Peace and Rhubarb & Custard, which were all lovely, although the cinnamon one was slightly strong for my taste. I’m currently burning their limited edition autumn candle, Little Black Cat, before moving on to one of the Christmas ones. I also have a pumpkin-scented one waiting, but I think that may have to wait until next year as I sort of missed the season! I’m particularly excited for that though, because I have a pumpkin problem. 

The standard-sized candles are all double-wicked and made with high-quality wax, which means that they melt relatively fast and very evenly. This makes the dreaded ‘memory ring’, the phenomenon of the flame ‘tunneling’ downwards and wasting much of your candle, a thing of the past, which is wonderful because I regularly experienced this problem with jar candles.

I don’t buy any other brand of scented candle anymore, as I know these are certified vegan and consistently smell wonderful. I do think the price tag for individual candles is a little high, but if you can justify splurging £20 + P&P every few months, buying them in set of three is well worth it!