Review | The VeganKind Box 12

Between all the wedding madness and getting a new phone (hello iPhone 6, hello better pictures!), I appear to have done  bit of a whoopsie. I’ve lost ALL the photos I took of the most recent The VeganKind box! For this reason, you’re going to have a photo-less post today. I’m very sorry.

This month, the charity proceeds went to Manchester and Cheshire Dogs’ Homewhich was recently the victim of a horrendous and cruel act of immature hatred. I won’t go into detail here, because I’m angry on several levels, but I’m sure you’ve already heard the story and if not, you can read all about it at the link above.

Now – on to the box!

This month’s award-winning recipe was provided by Little Miss Meat-FreeIf you’ve never visited her blog, I highly recommend you do. It’s full of delicious things!

The first item in this month’s box was a packet of  Angelic Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookies (full size). I munched on these at work, and while they were nice, they weren’t the most amazing cookies ever. They were quite dry, crumbly and, for some reason, reminded me of aero chocolate… as well as the fact that the flavour was a bit strange. I wouldn’t buy these again, but I’m glad that they were included because I’ve been hearing a lot about them and probably would have bought a pack to try them!

Secondly, a pack of Howdah Onion Bhajis (full size) was included. Again, this was a bit of a flop for me. The snacks are like hard crisps, and they were incredibly greasy. Not my favourite thing in the world.

Next up was a small pot of Premae Skincare Triumph Crème Balm (sample size). To me, this was the best item in this month’s TVK box. Firstly, the sample size is only a little smaller than the full size (10ml sample, 15 ml full!), and the larger pot is worth a massive £51. It’s a pretty generous sample! I’ve only used it a few times, and it’s definitely more of a balm than a cream. You only need a tiny amount of moisturise you face, so I think that the little pot will last me for quite a long time. I don’t use it as an every-day moisturiser, but as an intensive night-treatment when I feel like my face needs a little more care than usual.

An old favourite brand returned with the Landgarten Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Raspberries (full size). These are a definite winner. I’ve recently become a huge fan of chocolate-covered berries, especially mulberries and goji berries, so these played right into the hands of my new obsession! I like that they’re freeze-dried rather than conventionally dried, making them crispy rather than chewy.

Lastly, October’s TVK box included a Nom Organic Oat Bar (full size). The concept of these sounds really exciting, but unfortunately, it tasted a bit soapy. I’ve been finding this a lot with coconut products lately, and I’m not sure why that is. I wonder if has something to do with the growing popularity of coconut and the increased demand for lower cost and readily available options. Has anyone else had the soapy taste in their coconut-containing foods?

Overall, this box was worth £42.13 and well worth the £10 + P&P we pay for it! Although it wasn’t my favourite TVK box ever, there were still some products in it that I really enjoyed, and I’m so excited to see what next month’s box will bring, as it will be the one-year anniversary box!

For us beauty-junkies, TVK are now bringing out their Beauty Box every three months, and sign-ups are being taken now. The next box will ship in November.


I receive a 50% blogging discount on my TVK subscription. This does not affect the honesty of my review in any way.

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