Review | The VeganKind Box 14

So here’s a frustrating fact. I photographed my TVK box in early December, right when I opened it. Life went crazy shortly afterwards, and I never got around to writing up the post. Today, I decided to finally make it a priority, and discovered that I had lost every single photo! How annoying! So now you’ll get a post without a single picture. How boring. I’m so terribly sorry. If you do want to have a little look at the items, you can see them on The VeganKind’s website.

First up was a scented candle from Harper’s Bizarre, which I believe was formulated especially for the box! This all-vegan candle brand is something I’ve been eyeing up from a distance for quite some time, but I could never get myself to take the plunge to buy some of their items. However, now that I’ve sampled them, I will definitely be investing. The candles have the strongest fragrance of any scented candle I’ve ever tried, and they last for ages!

Second was a packet of Gingerbread Toppers from Wholeplus. I don’t have  whole lot to say about these, apart from the fact that I’ve really been enjoying them on my morning porridge. They make a very welcome change!

Next were some Olive Branch biscuits. I had the orange flavour, and, if I’m honest, these weren’t my favourite. If I had to stick to a gluten-free diet, I think they would rank pretty highly on my list, but since I’m fortunate enough to be able to tolerate gluten, I wasn’t overwhelmed.

I’m a huge tea-fan, and have a lot of boxes of tea bags in my kitchen. I was very happy to see that some tea samples had once again been included! The box contained two Teatonics samples, one for the morning and one for the evening. I haven’t tried them yet, but I think I’ll try the evening one tonight before bed!

Lastly, the box contained a tube of Green People toothpaste. We seem to be constantly out of toothpaste, so this was a great thing to get! Also, I’m slowly but surely steering our household toward natural cleaning products and toiletries, so I really like trying out different brands to see which ones suit us the best.

Overall, the box was worth £14.49. As usual, I really liked the range of products and I can’t wait for my next box!

Did your receive the December TVK box? What did you think?


Disclaimer: I receive a 50% blogging discount on my subscription. This does not affect the honesty of my review.

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