Review | The VeganKind Box 18

Ombar Coco Mylk Buttons (Full Size)
Faith in Nature Coconut Hand Wash (Full Size)
Coconom Ginger Coconut Sugar (Full Size)
Soffle’s Chilli & Garlic Mild Pitta Chips (Full Size)
Eat Chic 73% Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

Total Value: £12.63

After I said last month that I wasn’t too impressed with the March TheVeganKind BoxI have to admit that I’m over the moon with this one. I absolutely love Ombar’s Coco Mylk range, and the buttons were something I hadn’t tried before. My box gets sent to my office, so these didn’t last the afternoon… I was similarly impressed with the Peanut Butter Cup, although I didn’t think the sea salt did much for it on this occasion and I certainly wouldn’t spend £2 on it. The Pitta Chips were perfect though (a word of warning  – they say ‘mild’ but they’re still pretty hot!), and I nibbled them as a pre-dinner snack, because I’m all about the snacks lately. Coconom coconut sugar has been featured before, and I’m excited to try the ginger flavour in baking. I think it would go perfectly with some carrot and apple muffins. Finally, the non-food item was a bottle of Faith in Nature coconut hand wash. The scent is a little too much for my pregnant senses and makes me nauseous, but Jake adores it, so it will be put to good use!

I’m really pleased with the April box. Next month there will be two deliveries again – the lifestyle box and the tri-monthly beauty box, which is my favourite. I can’t wait!

Are you a TVK subscriber? What has been your favourite box so far?


I receive a 50% blogging discount on my TheVeganKind subscription box. This does not affect the honesty of my review in any way. If I’m not happy with a product, I’ll be sure to tell you.

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