Review | The VeganKind Box 19

Chika’s Chilli Plaintain Crisps (Full Size)
Sarelle Chocolate Hazelnut Bar
Ecobamboo Toothbrush
Olive Branch Sundried Tomato Paste
Good Full Stop Chocolate and Mint Fruit & Nut Bar
Taking The Pea Sweet Chilli Salsa

Where are the months going!? Honestly, I feel like I receive and review a TVK box and two minutes later the next box has landed on my doorstep! Maybe it’s pregnancy, but I feel like time has been passing incredibly fast recently and I can barely keep up with blogging!

I loved this month’s box, which arrived in tandem with the brands Beauty Box (review coming in the next few days!). It contained quite a few products I’d never even heard of before, which I love because it means I can try lots of new things at once! The only thing I had used before twas the bamboo toothbrush (which, incidentally, I don’t like… I feel like it’s got something of brushing your teeth with a wooden spoon). However, since I’ve been craving savoury snacks like mad, I immediately ate the chilli peas. They’re amazing, very similar to roasted chickpeas, but slightly sweeter and a very nice alternative! I also really enjoyed the plantain chips, although I could only eat a small amount before they became sickly. As always, I handed the fruit & nut bar to Jake – he didn’t complain, so I’ll assume that it was nice, and while I didn’t enjoy the tomato paste too much, he really liked that too, so it was clearly a questions of taste rather than the product’s quality. The absolute best item, however, was the Sarelle bar. Unfortunately, I can’t find these easily accessible online anywhere, but I hope that they take off in the UK soon, because it’s the best vegan treat I’ve ever had. Think Ferrero Rocher, but bigger and square. It’s amazing. If you see one, grab it!

Overall, I really enjoyed this month’s box and I’m tremendously excited that we’re nearing the end of the month and it’s almost time for the next one! Can you believe that TVK have been in business for more than a year-and-a-half now? It’s incredible!


Disclaimer: I receive a 50% blogging discount on my TVK subscription. This does not affect the honesty of my reviews in any way – my continuous and vocal dislike of date-based bars should be proof of that 😉

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