Scouse Soaps

No not Brookside… (I miss arr Damon).

Scouse SoapsAs everyone knows Scousers are always very nice and clean. Every week they get in that tin bath in the back kitchen and make sure they scrub all their parts. Scouse Veggie’s are even cleaner and animal friendly to boot because they use Scouse Soaps.

The soaps are handmade soap made with all natural ingredients. There are some recent additions such as Sergeant Peppermint and Goodison Day Sunshine.
I did say they were Scouse soaps…

You can order them online and get them shipped all over the world.

Despite it looking like it, this is not a commercial for them, we just like their gear !

One thought on “Scouse Soaps

  1. Sad news, The Greenhouse in Manchester is facing closure due to slow trade. Calliing all Veggies, Vegans & anyone with taste, (!) in the area – please go and support the fabulous restaurant before it is too late & it is gone forever. I have had amny a wonderful meal there & been looked after so well by the wonderful Robin.
    There are too few good veggie places out there as it is, lets NOT let this one go.

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