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What is the Liverpool sound nowadays ? Because of the blending of cultures, the new sounds, such as with the subject of today’s Jukebox is one with many variations and is very experimental…

Venusian are a Liverpool based modern trip-hop duo. Yashashwi Sharma and John Pearson have performed in the UK and India, with their music appearing in independent movies in London and commercials on international TV. Comprising of gloomy downtempo beats with keyboards and powerful, evocative vocals, to date, Venusian have released three albums: Patterns in the Ivy (2012), The Flight of the Flamingo OST (2013) and Wolf Track Mountain (2014).

“A touch of the avant garde offset with a gloom bordering on unsettling – a little like a Tarantino movie soundtracked by Bjork. . . in a state of raw, yet mailable, beauty” ~Peter Guy, Liverpool Echo

Venusian are being featured here on ScouseVeg not just because they are from Liverpool, but also because the band members, John and Yashashwi are both vegan. They believe in animal rights and this is reflected in their music:

Lyrically, our music is about the diversity of life on earth, the nature of our planet and universe, contrasted with the suffering and darkness that we create within it. Human emotions like greed, hatred and our unforgiving nature are destroying everything innocent; but at the same time there is love, which tries to preserve and grow what is around us. Musically, we turn natural and organic sounds [the sounds of rainfall, water, animals] against dark industrial beats; so it’s like hearing heavy machines cutting through the jungle. We try to incorporate elements of cultural folklore and Buddhist chants in our music, but focus heavily on the unsettling truth of the pain that so many beings go though; we don’t want to look away from that.

Their music is haunting and transcendent. It will drag you in.
I spent a good few hours going through their YouTube channel.

Here are a few releases to give you an idea of their sound.

– Plutonic:

– Kepler वेनुशन – केप्लर

You get the Bjork thing the Echo reviewer was saying above. Very unsettling and dark. I love it.

– Minutes too late:

Go and have a listen yourself via Soundcloud.
I would also highly recommend their Bandcamp page.

They have some more new music coming soon.

Social media:



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