Soy-based Substance Might Help Fight MS

My Dad had M/S plus I still know a few people that have Multiple Sclerosis, so this is a subject close to my heart.
From Science Daily:

Natural, Soy-based Substance Might Help Fight Multiple Sclerosis, Neuroscientists Find

A natural substance made from soy appears to have amazing restorative powers when given to animals with a multiple sclerosis (MS)-like disease.

Using an animal model of MS, neurologists at Jefferson Medical College found that giving doses of a substance called Bowmann-Birk Inhibitor Concentrate (BBIC) dramatically improved the animals’ ability to move and walk….

… Dr. Rostami, who is also director of the Neuroimmunology Laboratory in the Department of Neurology at Jefferson Medical College, and his group used an animal model of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), which mimics MS, to investigate BBIC’s potential immune system-suppressing properties. BBIC inhibits proteases, enzymes that play important roles in the inflammation and demyelination processes that are at the heart of MS. It has been used for other conditions, notably precancerous conditions in the mouth.

He and his co-workers compared two groups of animals with EAE. One group received BBIC, while the other received only an inert substance. “Animals that received BBIC were able to walk while those that didn’t get the drug were not,” he says. He notes that the animals aren’t cured but can walk with some limp or weakness. “The results are promising because this is a safe, natural compound from soybean and is given orally.”

Full story:

Of course the article raises concerns and questions on the experimentation and treatment of the animals, the purpose of reporting this story is about the use of soy to help find a cure for an incurable disease.

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