Super Furry Animals and Wombats join anti-fur campaign

Via the NME: (Who probably only posted this because of the names of both groups)

Super Furry Animals and Wombats join anti-fur campaign

Super Furry Animals

Super Furry Animals, The Wombats, Friendly Fires, Jamie T and The Courteeners are among the musicians who have joined a campaign to persuade clothing label Burberry to stop using animal fur in its products.

Art Brut, Jack Penate, The Rakes, The Maccabees, Los Campesinos! have also lent their names to the campaign, organised by the Peta2 charity.

In a statement, The Wombats’ drummer Dan Haggis said: “There is no excuse for making money from the suffering of animals. Burberry need to stop supporting this violent industry.”

According to the statement from Peta2, The Rakes had previously been approached by the label to potentially participate in an advertising campaign. Frontman Alan Donohoe responded by writing a letter to the firm saying that “the cold-hearted killing of animals for ‘fashion’ is indefensible”.

For more information on the campaign and to sign the petition, head to Peta2.com.

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[audio:http://scouseveg.co.uk/jook/The%20Wombats%20-%20Let’s%20Dance%20to%20Joy%20Division.mp3] The Wombats - Let's Dance To Joy Division

[audio:http://scouseveg.co.uk/jook/Super%20Furry%20Animals%20-The%20Gift%20That%20Keeps%20Giving.mp3] Super Furry Animals - The Gift That Keeps Giving

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