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Getting a bit more serious for a sec…

Guardian Comment Is Free articleA blog post and discussion which word of it spread around the web pretty fast:
Sophie Petit-Zeman used to work in neroscience and mental health, but is now a writer and journalist specialising in health, science and social care.

Dr Petit-Zeman is a vegetarian, but…

Confessions of a vegetarian vivisector
I won’t eat animals, but I’ll happily slice them up in the name of medical science.

“Why did I become a vegetarian vivisector? The answer seems so obvious it amazes me it’s not a more popular lifestyle choice. Though admittedly it’s not one most people have to make.

I can survive perfectly well without eating meat (and so can you) but we can’t get far alleviating illness and disease without research using animals. Someone’s got to do it, and when I was, I stopped wanting to eat flesh after handling it all day in the lab….

…One evening, home, tired and hungry, I pulled some bacon out of the fridge and realised I didn’t have the faintest desire to eat it. The moral question followed: “If I don’t need to eat you to live, why kill you for food?” And soon I had two reasons for going veggie: meat was too mixed up with the day job of forceps and formalin to leave me keen on having it for supper, and I couldn’t justify the loss of that animal’s life by arguing it was necessary for my survival. So unlike vivisection.

Give me some cheese and a tomato and I’ll happily call it lunch, but don’t give me the anti-vivisectionists’ woolly talk of cell cultures and computer simulations and call them viable alternatives to using animals. Not unless you can show me exactly how they’ll cure cancer, unravel the anguish of Alzheimer’s disease or guide the surgeon’s knife when he does my heart transplant…”

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