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If you ever find yourself outside of the glorious republic of Liverpool…don’t know why you’d want to leave but anyway, if you do ever venture out and find yourself on the other side of the Pennines… again I don’t know why you would… I’ll just get on with it.

Before you leave you will probably do some research and a good place to start is via The Vegan Punk blog:


The Vegan Punk lives in Leeds. He’s vegan (obviously) and before that vegetarian for 10 years.

” I started this blog to document my adventures in veganism, and hope to post reviews of and interviews with shops, restaurants, artists and activists who engage with vegan, vegetarian, and animal rights issues – in Leeds, in Yorkshire, and in fact wherever I go in the UK and world.

I have been vegan for two years and vegetarian for 10, with my motivation primarily being the belief that all animals have the right to live a life free from exploitation and suffering. More recently, health and ecological reasons have strengthened my belief that following a vegan lifestyle is a key way in which we can make the world a better place – for humans and non-human animals alike.”

His very neat and tidy blog has only been going a short while, but there are some interesting items already there:

– In the Review section it tells you about some vegan falafel and pita at the Leeds Corn Exchange. Also there is sampling of vegan Indian street food in Leeds.

– In the Places category, he writes about a vegan weekend in Whitby.

– He’s also good with a camera so have a look in the Gallery.

If you are on Twitter you can follow him via @TheVeganPunk

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