Tivydale – Vegan Shoes

Tivydale Vegan Shoes

One of the more difficult things about being a vegetarian or vegan is finding suitable shoes.

With the obvious challenges of finding something that is ethically made and is stylish.

There is somebody though, just down the road in Manchester who thought about the same thing and decided to do something.

Susannah Wright, who’s been vegetarian since a teenager studied footwear design and construction in Italy before completing her learning at the London College of Fashion.

And now she has designed some very attractive – not just shoes, but boots as well.

Using natural and man-made materials, Susannah has designed a range of shoes, sandals and boots which are made at family-run factories in the UK and Spain.

“Tivydale offers chic non-leather shoes for women who love fashion and aim to lead a vegan, vegetarian or eco-friendly lifestyle. We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on beauty and design in order to satisfy your ethical ideals.”

This is a brand new business, just launched last week ! So go and give them your support on Facebook or on Twitter.

Or of course you can go any buy the shoes:

*ScouseVeg received no payment for this post. We always try to encourage and help any new local vegan/vegetarian businesses.

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