Upcoming Events in March

Notable dates and events:

» Friday 2nd March: Monthly ScouseVeg Meeting

» Saturday 17th March: Vegan Food Fair at the old Police Station on Lark Lane. (I’ll do a separate post with more information)

» Every Saturday until they stop selling fur: It’s Just Not Cricket.
From around midday in Mathew Street.

» March is Veggie Month

“Every March, Animal Aid concentrates on its annual promotion of vegetarianism, known as Veggie Month.

The reason we push the ‘go veggie’ message so passionately is because it really is the quickest, easiest and most immediate way that an individual can demonstrate opposition to animal suffering. The idea is simple: stop eating animals and you save their lives. And we are talking about millions and millions of lives. In the UK alone, around 1,000 million animals are slaughtered for food annually. That’s 2.7 million a day, 112,500 an hour, 1,875 a minute, 31 per second.”

» Saturday 17th March: National Day of Action for Pigs

“Join us on the day before Mother’s Day, when hundreds of Viva! supporters will distribute specially prepared flyers outside Marks & Spencer stores up and down the country. We are calling on the chain to make Mother’s Day a little more bearable for many of their sows, incarcerated in metal cages for weeks on end – despite more humane options being available.

The farrowing crate is a metal-barred cage in which a pregnant sow is locked a week before she gives birth and up to four weeks afterwards – the cage is only inches bigger than her body. M&S have already made some concessions to animal welfare by ensuring that the meat they sell as ‘fresh pork’ comes from pigs that were farrowed outside. Yet what their PR machine doesn’t tell their customers is much of the other pig meat they sell still comes from pigs born indoors in the farrowing crate.

Despite M&S’ assurances to their customers that: “We know it’s as important to you as it is to us that our animal welfare standards are second to none.”, this image conscious company still uses an instrument of farmed animal torture so barbaric it should be condemned to the history pages.”

» More events outside our area

» Animal Rights Calendar

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