Vegan Hairdresser In Liverpool

One of the challenges of being vegetarian or vegan is with the hair products – and if you want to get your hair done if you are going out for a night on the town, where there’s a salon that uses animal friendly products. Well the good news is that Niki has found such a place:

A salon for all you vegan girls and boys out there! As you may know the majority of Paul Mitchell products are vegan (not the hair dyes) and cruelty free! Which is great news but sometimes it’s hard to find a salon stocking and using these products, well here at Scouseveg we have found one!!

Unity Hair and Beauty
471-473 Rice Lane
L8 8AP

Based in north Liverpool, this salon not only stocks and uses Paul Mitchell but they are now stocking and using Arbonne products on some of their beauty treatments.

For Scouseveg members they are offering a discount of 20% discount on first appointment and for any returning clients 10% discount on any hair and beauty treatments that are appropriate.

Call them on 0151 585 4374 to book an appointment and quote ScouseVeg on booking!

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any problems ask for Leah Dickman

2 thoughts on “Vegan Hairdresser In Liverpool

  1. Do you know of anywhere that dye hair with vegan and cruelty free hair dyes? I’ve been opting for Bleach London home dyes as that’s vegan and cruelty free, but now it’s getting to summer I’m looking to highlight instead!

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