Vegan Life Magazine | July/August 2015


Summer days call for double editions of your favourite magazine! Although Vegan Life have started publishing monthly, their July/August edition has gone back to the bi-monthly format they started with, allowing for extra-lazy reading days and an edition so full of recipes, you’ll probably need more than two months to get through them!


While I don’t usually focus on the recipes included in Vegan Life, mainly because I prefer to cook from cookbooks and don’t often try recipes from magazines unless they really stand out to me, this particular edition’s food ideas deserve some special attention. There are so many of them, and most of them focus on my two favourite summer foods: pizza and ice cream!

The pizza section contains lots of different recipes for every taste, including crust and sauce recipes, lots of topping ideas and a variety of recipes for making your own vegan cheese to top your creation with! I’m not always into cheese on pizza though, so I was glad to read some completely cheese-free suggestions as well. They even included a courgette-based crust for those of us who try to avoid starches in the evenings (Tone It Up girls, I’m looking at you!). There is also a whole article dedicated to finding the best vegan beverages to go with your pizza. Alcohol or no alcohol, there’s something for everyone and I’m sure these suggestions will prove rather popular with the hot and humid weather we’re currently experiencing up here in the North West.

After having pizza, I always crave ice-cream for dessert. There’s a reason all the well-known pizza chains sell tubs of Ben & Jerry’s! But as it looks like we still have to wait for quite a while for vegan Ben & Jerry’s to arrive in the UK, we’ll have to rely on alternatives for the time being. You could go for one of the ever-increasing options of dairy-free ice creams available in UK supermarkets at the moment, such as Almond Dream or The Coconut Collaborative, or you could take the plunge and make your own. Ice Cream makers aren’t that expensive – I use the Kenwood IM200 – and popsicle moulds are even cheaper. The July/August edition of Vegan Life has lots of recipes for both ice lollies and scoop-able ice cream, including Frozen Coconut Key Lime Cheese Cake Bars, which I will most certainly be making at the next opportunity. 

Do you make your own ice cream at home? What are your favourite recipes?


Disclaimer: I am a member of the Vegan Life Blogger Community and receive a digital subscription free of charge. I buy the physical edition of the magazine with my own money.