Vegan Life Magazine | June 2015

It’s almost time for the next issue of Vegan Life Magazineso this is the perfect time to talk about the most recent issue.

As usual, June’s edition was full of interesting content and gorgeous photos relating to all aspects of veganism, but this month, my favourite article was all about protein. Since I do quite a bit of exercise, getting enough protein in my diet is something I do look out for quite a bit, although I’m in no way protein-obsessed. Pre-pregnancy, I had rice protein supplements on an almost-daily basis, because they were fantastic options for recovery shakes, but since rice protein has a bit of a heavy metal reputation (not the head banging sort), I made the decision to swap it out for other things during pregnancy.

I’ve been using hemp protein powder in smoothies and continue to use rice protein in baked goods where I wouldn’t end up having a whole scoop per serving (I figured that would probably be okay, but if you have more knowledge on the subject, I’d love to hear from you). June’s Vegan Life Magazine contains a handy table explaining exactly how may grams of protein are in popular vegan protein sources, which I’ve been finding particularly useful when trying to sneak a little more of the stuff into my dinners. Quinoa, Tempeh and Hemp Seeds are particularly good sources. Seitan is also fantastic, although it isn’t mentioned in the table.

The issue also contains a nice little collection of vegan high-protein recipes, which I’m dying to try. I think they would be particularly suitable on days where I’ve done a little more exercise than usual.

Do you actively monitor the amount of protein you take in? What are some of your favourite vegan sources?


Disclaimer: I am part of the Vegan Life Magazine blogging network and receive the digital edition free of charge. I subscribe to the paper edition with my own money.

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