Vegan MoFo 2014 | Chia Pods

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MoFo 2014 BannerChia Pods Review

Chia! I love chia seeds, particularly in smoothies, which get a lovely smooth consistency from added chia. Chia is said to have amazing health benefits, including but not limited to a high protein content and excellent hydration properties when prepared the correct way, so they’re a real superfood!

Chia Pods

When I found these babies in my local Tesco,  I just couldn’t resist. I purchased a Mango and a Vanilla Chia Pod and decided to give them a go!

Chia Pods are made by The Chia Co, which, as the name suggests, specialises in chia products. They currently offer a variety of flavours, although Vanilla and Mango were the only ones available to me. The products is made out of natural extracts or fruit (in this case vanilla and mango), chia seeds and coconut milk. They don’t contain added sugar.

Chia Pods 2

I really liked my chia pods, although I felt that they were a little bit overpriced at £2.59 per pod, since you can make chia pudding at home for a fraction of the price. However, they are very conveniently packaged, with a little spoon for on-the-go eating, and fit into your handbag, so they’re great to take to work on on a trip as an emergency healthy snack. I would’t buy these for everyday use, but I’ll definitely be repurchasing from travelling or when I’m stranded somewhere and need a quick snack.

Have you ever tried Chia Pods? What did you think?