Vegan MoFo 2015 | Quick, Easy & Delicious | My Quickest Post-Workout Fuel


Today’s theme is Quick, Easy & Delicious, so I’m sharing my simplest post-workout fuel with you today! While I’m all for protein shakes, smoothies and bars after a heavy workout, I sometimes feel like I just want something ‘real’ after exercising. In that scenario, I’ll usually opt for some soya yoghurt with granola. Depending on how much I’ve done that day, I’ll sometimes mix a scoop of protein powder into my yoghurt, which gives it a thicker texture, almost like greek yoghurt. Mostly, though, I just have the yoghurt and granola on their own.

At the moment, my absolute favourite yoghurts are Alpro‘s Plain with Almond or Coconut, both of which are widely available in larger supermarkets. If you’re looking for something with less sugar, Provamel yoghurts are almost identical to Alpro (I think they’re the same company), but contain little to no sugar. Tesco‘s own-brand free from plain yoghurt is also sugar free – it’s a little cheaper than Provamel and my go-to product when I need an unsweetened version for savoury recipes.

Vegan granola can be a little harder to find, as most of the contain honey. I used to absolutely adore Dorset Cereals‘ Chocolate, Macadamia & Almond Granola, but it’s high in sugar and has become a bit tricky to find on shelves. Instead, I’ve recently taken to making my own. It’s not hard to do, but it takes a bit of time, so I recommend making a big batch at the weekend to last you the entire week. You can control the ingredients and therefore how expensive the batch is (because let’s be honest, some shop-bought granola is just extortionate!), and you can you whatever sweetener you choose. Buckwheat groats are currently my favourite base ingredient! There are tonnes and tonnes of recipes all over the internet, so I’d recommend having a quick browse to find some that you’re interested in trying. I’ll definitely be going for pumpkin spice in the next few weeks, because I have an unhealthy obsession…

What’s your favourite post-workout snack?