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Back in October last year the good people at vegan psicotik sound emailed to tell us about vegan (music) podcasts that they do. I loved this, right down our street this is and I told them that I’ll get something posted.

And then I promptly forgot.

But luckily in the middle of December they contacted me again to see how things were and I immediately remembered that I forgot and promised that I give them a shout out.

But I didn’t forget again. The festive season approached plus the fact that I must hold a record for being the… slowest…at…updating anything. But now finally. Finger is pulled out.

So who or what is the “vegan*psicótik*sound*system” ?

Actually I don’t really know myself. It is a podcast of ambient, transcendent, laid-back vegan friendly tunes. Something that you will (and I know Niki will !) groove and relax to…

Have a listen to their pod below:

Download the episode (46 mins)

Find out more by going to: http://veganpsicotiksound.mypodcast.com/

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