Veggie and Vegan Food Substitutes

From the American online magazine Vegetarian Times – a guide to what ingredients you could use to substitute in a recipe.

…The next time you want to substitute an ingredient in a recipe, don’t panic. The originator of the recipe will never know! When you substitute, you improvise, you create, and you are the artist in charge.

Use the chart below as a starting point for brainstorming alternatives. The process might look a bit intimidating but is easy once you dive in and start asking questions such as: What do I really want this dish to taste like? What textures do I like? Why did the recipe writer put all of these things in here, anyway…?

A couple of those charts from the site: Covering meat free and vegan ingredients »

meat free ingredient alternatives

vegan ingredient alternatives

The full article has more tables covering low fat, allergy and yeast free ingredients:

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