Veggie Delicious !

You may have seen this button > button on the sidebar to the right.
If you have pressed it then you’ll see that it takes you to the social bookmarking{{more info on Social Bookmarking}} website: and a list of links that have been tagged{{More info about tags and tagging}} by the users as “vegetarian”.

From – a couple of websites that have been tagged (bookmarked) by multiple users:


…is an American based website with vegetarian and vegan recipes, plus some vegetarian personal ads.

Vegan Lunch Box
Vegan Lunch Box

…is a blog by Jennifershmoo, who is a stay at home mum in Washington State in the USA. She is a vegan activist who posts a daily photo and details of a vegan lunch box she has created.
Update: The Vegan Lunch Box Blog just won a Bloggie !

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