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Niki's cat - Toak As you may have seen on Niki’s telly appearance she had the dilemma of feeding her cat, Toak, the usual cat food when Niki herself is a vegan.

When she first got Toak there wasn’t a vegetarian equivalent for pet food, but now there is.

But firstly some vegetarian pet food FAQ’s answered via the International Vegetarian Union’s website:

Can you feed a cat or dog a vegetarian/vegan diet?

“Both animals can be fed a vegetarian diet, although neither is a vegan by nature — dogs are omnivores, and cats are carnivores. While both dogs and cats belong to the class carnivora, this doesn’t mean a lot, so does the panda bear which is near vegan.

By nature cats and dogs wouldn’t eat anything like what is commonly found in a can of pet food either. Special diets must be provided for cats, as they require an amino acid called taurine — found in the muscles of animals.

Synthetic taurine has been developed, and is used in commercial (non vegetarian) cat foods. Vegetarian cats should be fed it as a supplement. Taurine deficiency can result in blindness and even death. Cats also require pre-formed vitamin A and arachidonic acid.

All known vegan cat foods contain these essential ingredients … Ask your vet about changing your pet’s diet if concerned.

Full article:

Additionally – some information sheets from The Vegetarian Society about feeding and keeping your pet on a veggie diet:

Finally – Finding a shop that sells vegetarian pet food is difficult, but I found a website in the UK that stocks everything veggie pet including extra information about looking after your little poodle. »

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