VV Boutique

We always like to help local ethical businesses here at ScouseVeg and today we want to tell you about VV Boutique:

VV Boutique

VV Boutique design their own Tshirts and when you purchase a donation is made to charity:

– The “V V” in V V Boutique stands for “Vegetarian” and “Vegan”

– V V Boutique will sell T-shirts inspired by animals and animal rights issues.

– The T-shirts will be good for people, animals and the environment.

– The ink used to print them is water based and eco-friendly.

“We aim to raise awareness for animal rights through my T-shirts which are good for animals, people and the environment. £1 from each T-shirt sold will go to animal charities and organisations and you can help us choose which ones will benefit.”

In the future Cath (the designer) is planning to expand and will be designing/selling other items of clothing, shoes, accessories and possibly cruelty-free cosmetics.


2 thoughts on “VV Boutique

  1. I know the owner of VV Boutique and she is a lovely, genuine lady whose whole ethos is 1st class and dedicated to the welfare of animals. This is never better demonstrated then in the fact that money from each T Shirt sale she makes goes to Animal Charities.
    Take a look at and see for yourself!


  2. I am Catherine’s mum and I am very proud of her achievements. Catherine has always been passionate about animal welfare and at the age of three, stopped eating chicken after questioning if it was the same ‘chicken’ she’d seen running around the local petting zoo! Not being vegetarian myself, I continued to give her other animal products, until she asked about where they came from. I never lied to her and by the age of five,she was not eating any meat products. Catherine’s passion has increased as she has got older and she tries her best to convince anyone who will listen about all sorts of animal welfare issues. Through her website, Catherine wants to raise awareness through her T shirts and help animal charities in the process. I hope she makes a success of her business, because she really deserves to.

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