Weekend Challenge – Songs About (Veggie) Food

Throwing down the challenge hat with something that will keep you thinking over the weekend (and Monday). – Post in the comments below any songs that mentioned – vegetarian and/or vegan food obviously – in the song. Either the title or in the lyrics. And again obviously – anything with meat is not allowed.

I’ll get things started off with a song I spotted which inspired the post – From the Smashing Pumpkins:

Yet again, obviously… not vegan friendly, but Plamil sell Egg Free Mayonnaise – and there’s a recipe for Vegan Mayonnaise if you want to make it yourself.

– Next up is a very young Paul Young from 1978, with the band Streetband (just rollin’ out the clichés) on Top Of The Pops singing about Toast:

So now I’ve got it started. Post a suggestion in the comments below and if I can find the song to embed I’ll add it here.

Here are some places to start your searching:

The Hype Machine

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