Weekend in York

Weekend in York



I can’t believe how behind I am with the blog at the moment. Life has been a little bit crazy, and is about to get a whole load crazier. Within the past 8 weeks, I’ve been working almost non-stop, finished my degree, received my results (which I’m very pleased with indeed), landed a real, full-time job that starts in August, started planning for Vegan MoFo in September and made a whole tonne of travel and wedding plans. Now I have four weeks off and am feeling the drain. I also have lots and lots of housework to do, but I’m going to take a break from that to show you a few pictures from my latest trip to York.

York York Walls Walk York Walls Walk 4 York walls walk 3 York Walls Walk 2 York River Yellow Bicycle

I’m going to refrain from lots of text here, and instead just tell you that my friend Adele and I had an amazing day out, walking along the entire walls, enjoying a few too many cold coffee-based drinks, see what may well be York’s most committed (and largest) running group and getting kicked out of Waitrose. For real. That last bit wasn’t our fault though, they opened the doors far earlier than they were supposed to and ended up having a lot of confused customers being shepherded bad out.