What a Goodlife, at Studio 2…

What better way to spend your Saturday afternoon in the famous converted studios of Parr Street surrounded by good folk and the finest vegetarian/vegan vegetable based frozen foods to come out of Warrington!

So what is this all about? Well, for the second time running members of Scouseveg and various other groups and individuals were asked to join a taste testing session at the gorgeous lounge bar better known as Studio 2 (which is tucked away on Parr Street), we assembled to taste an array of Goodlife products that are currently in development stage and vote on flavour, texture and gave our honest opinion.

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After a very successful taste test in which we scrutinised each sample that the lovely Gary and his team offered us, we gave the yay and the nay before finishing off the afternoon with a buffet of Goodlife products, fresh salads and buns. The nice folk of Goodlife pleasured our taste buds with a fine array of products and the general feedback was very positive.

We also appreciated that Goodlife care enough to come and obtain the opinion of its customers and potential customers and take time out to get honest opinions about their products that are in development, hopefully we will be seeing these in the shops sometime soon, especially for me a rather yummy tabouleh salad burger (and yes, I did have four pieces!)

The afternoon came to a close after chats and drinks and people headed off into the early evening sun with tummy’s full of scrumptious food and very much looking forward to the next one, so watch this space…

To find out more about Goodlife and their product range then please visit their website or check out their Facebook page (Create a Goodlife)

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