World’s Sexiest Veggie and Favourite Veggie Celeb Polls

The poll results are in for the previously mentioned poll run by PETA to vote on the who is the world’s sexiest vegetarian »

“New York — The results are in, and PETA is pleased to announce that Grammy-winning rock royal Prince and the “veggie Venus” of Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell, have been selected the 2006 winners of PETA’s “World’s Sexiest Vegetarians” poll. Red-carpet runners-up include V for Vendetta star Natalie Portman (proof that “V” is also for “veggie vixen”), desperately hot housewife Nicollette Sheridan, Brokeback Mountain beauty Anne Hathaway, INXS lead singer J.D. Fortune, TV Guide hottie Michael Ausiello, and Walk the Line’s dashing “Johnny Cash,” Joaquin Phoenix. More than 40,000 people voted in the poll on”

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In the meantime the Vegetarian Society are also running a poll along the same lines, but with a terribly British approach to it  ;o)

– Who is your favourite veggie celebrity ?

“…We want to know WHY they are your favourite. Did your fave celeb inspire you to become a veggie? Do you admire their gumption and commitment to the veggie lifestyle? Is their support of animal welfare more important to you than the fact they’re a superstar? Or, maybe you have a soft spot for them simply because they are gorgeous! Let us know and we’ll inform the most popular choice on your behalf…”

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May 30th Update:
The votes have been counted on the VegSoc favourite veggie celebrities and it is a clean sweep for members of the McCartney family originally from Allerton.

Sir Macca Fab Thumbs Aloft was voted the UK’s most favourite vegetarian celeb overall and his daughter Stella was voted the favourite female veggie. (It must have been a close run thing with her just edging out our own Niki O’Leary.)

Press release »

After days of headlines about his doomed marriage Sir Paul McCartney said today he was “thrilled” to be named as the UK’s favourite celebrity vegetarian.

National charity the Vegetarian Society polled people across the nation during National Vegetarian Week 2006 and receiving the highest number of votes for the most popular male celebrity vegetarian was Sir Paul McCartney, followed closely by singer Morrissey.

Keeping it in the family, the most popular female vegetarian celebrity was Sir Paul’s daughter, fashion designer Stella McCartney.

After adding the total votes, Sir Paul was named the outright winner across both sexes.

On hearing the result Sir Paul said: “I am really thrilled. People are becoming more aware of what they eat and where it comes from but many still don’t make the connection between their own actions and the suffering and death of a real living creature.

“Once you truly understand the consequences of buying and eating meat, you can’t claim to care without going vegetarian.”

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